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Get a real picture of what it’s like to work out in your chosen industry. Whether it’s a summer job, sandwich year, placement or graduate job, this section is full of quotes by real University of Huddersfield students doing real jobs. Find out something new about the industry you are interested or simply find a new industry that interests you!

Mike Lomas - Business Studies

Profile picture of Business Studies student Mike Lomas

“I am having a year out working for L’Oreal in the Consumer Products Division. I believe having a work placement has given me the opportunity to put what I have learnt in the Business School into practice.  Placements are great as you get real responsibility within a company and I am looking forward to bringing the knowledge learnt there back into the University.”


Katie Hamilton - Education

Profile picture of Education student Katie Hamilton

‌“I have massively benefited from placements; they are where the most learning takes place. 

It’s exhausting, but is so rewarding. The things you learn on placement are very different to the experiences you hear of in University. However, when you’re on placement all the prior lectures and learning falls into place. It is a fantastic opportunity to gain teaching experience. The opportunity to see different teaching styles, schools and ideas allows us to develop a comprehensive set of skills that we can graduate and start our own career with.”

Haley Liu - Electronic Engineering

Student profile picture for Electronic Engineering student Haley Liu

“A career aspiration of mine is to not only become a well-rounded, chartered engineer but to also encourage more women into undertaking further education within engineering.

I decided to study at Huddersfield due to the fact the course offered a placement year. In my opinion, it is an invaluable experience in order to gain a better insight into the possible routes which I would like to take part in, for example power and telecommunications. I have found that studying at the University of Huddersfield has not only allowed to me develop academically, but also as an individual.”

Valentina Taglialavore - Fashion

Student profile picture for fashion student Valentina Taglialavore “My placement year jobs included Fashion Scout Production Assistant for London Fashion Week, PR Intern at Moschino and Jimmy Choo and Fashion Cupboard Admin at Harper’s Bazaar. My work placement year has been the best decision I made and has been incredibly valuable to me. It has allowed me to transfer skills that I only ever exercised in the classroom into the industry, and to experience and witness first-hand how the different areas I’ve studied are put to use and have an outcome, e.g PR, marketing, events etc. I would highly recommend it for anybody thinking of doing this course.”

Jessica Dearnley - Journalism

Student profile picture of Journalism student Jessica Dearnley “Throughout the course we have been encouraged to participate in extra circular activities that may benefit our future career, with a strong emphasis on work placements. We have to find our own placements for the final year, but we have fantastic support. Doing my course at University has given me an insight into the different career directions I could go into and since has led me to fall in love with public relations. I have done two PR placements and through the support of my PR tutors, I know that I now have the confidence and skills to fulfil my ambitions. The work placements have given me industry insight and helped me gain vital contacts for the future.”

Dan Briggs - MEng Automotive Engineering

Student profile picture of Automotive Engineering student Dan Briggs “During my 3rd year I was on placement at Airbus in Bristol. I worked primarily within the Composite Research and Technology group located at the newly established National Composites Centre (NCC). This placement was very valuable to me, and has helped me through my final years of University.”

Ben Middleton - Logistics

Student profile picture of Logistics student Ben Middleton

“As I researched relevant courses through UCAS and on the web, Huddersfield kept popping up time and time again. The opportunity to undertake an industrial placement in year 3 was a particular draw for me. The University’s network of placement companies is extensive and contains many impressive, globally recognised brands such as DHL, Unilever, British Airways and Coca Cola.


I undertook an Operations Management Placement with DHL Supply Chain. Working in a busy logistics and supply chain environment allowed me to build on many of the theories learnt in University. The placement allowed me to develop competences that will equip me well for my future career. These competences included teamwork, initiative, working under pressure and managing conflict. The support from the University during placement was also fantastic. The best part of the placement for me was being able to network and work with so many different people from across the business and the wider industry. Working for a global contract logistics company like DHL provides no end of opportunities for those prepared to seek them out.”

Eilis Tobin - MPharm

Student profile picture of Pharmacy student Eilis Tobin “The University of Huddersfield’s strapline is ‘inspiring tomorrow’s professionals’ and this couldn’t be more evident on the pharmacy course, as you mature from student to health care professional. The vast amounts of clinical practice involved in the teaching of the course have enabled me to understand how I will practice as a pharmacist when I qualify. Across the four years, we complete varied day placements in pharmacy settings organised by the University. These placements go towards our learning portfolios. This allows us to start understanding how our learning develops into a profession, interact with professionals and develop our communication skills. We also have the opportunity to go on non-pharmacy placements, such as consultant clinics, district nurses and podiatrists - this shows us how the pharmacist fits in to the wide multidisciplinary team.”

International placement opportunities

Emily Halstead - Accountancy and Finance

Profile picture of Accountancy and Finance student Emily Halstead

“I had a very varied course whereby I had the opportunity to go and study on Erasmus in Holland on my second year and then I went on a work placement in Kent in my third year. I really enjoyed my time in Holland as it was a great cultural experience and made me realise that I wanted to work in international business. I spent my last year working at Cummins Power Generation on placement. They really challenged me, helping me develop and be much more work orientated. My time management skills have improved as well as my presenting skills. At Cummins, I presented on a regular basis to management which has made me much more confident for my final year presentations as there are a lot of them!”

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