Top Ten Tips for Parents and Carers

Parents Wordle of key points from top ten tips

  1. AWARENESS - Make sure your son/daughter is aware of the course and financial support application deadlines.
  2. HELP - Help them with visits to universities and make sure they know all about the courses they are applying for – if in doubt about anything, ask!
  3. COOKING - Teach them to cook; it will save them a fortune! Give them recipes for cheap meals which provide basic nutrition so that you know they are eating properly.
  4. FINANCES - Make sure they have some money to tide them over the first week at university until their loan and/or grant reach their account.
  5. FOLDERS - A folder for all their important documentation which may be needed for enrolment, registering at the Health Centre etc, will be really helpful
  6. ESSENTIALS - Check what they need to take with them – course equipment, bedding, towels, pots and pans, etc. It can vary from one place to another.
  7. BUDGET - Teach them to budget – look at income and outgoings and work out a budget for each week so that they know what their limit is.
  8. CONTACT - Consider help with Skype/mobile phone/internet so that you can contact each other as easily as possible. Make arrangements for regular contact, eg at least once a week, so that you know they are ok.
  9. PARENTS EVENINGS - Attend any Parents’ Information Evenings that are available in your local area – your son/daughter’s school may well offer one, and possibly your local university. These are a very good opportunity to talk to school and possibly university staff about the whole application process. The University of Huddersfield also provides Parents’ Information Evenings each year to parents of Year 12 students in Kirklees and Calderdale.
  10. INDEPENDENCE - If your son/daughter is going to live at home, encourage a degree of independence and involvement with university life so that they enjoy the full student experience. Wherever they live, confidence in using public transport will be useful, especially if they are going on a placement/placements as part of their course.

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