Student Support

We know that every parent and carer worries about those first few weeks at university, and even more so if your son or daughter is living away from home.

As with all the choices surrounding university, it is important to remember that while you are able to offer advice and support, a university’s relationship must be with the student rather than their family.  This means that any discussion of issues or problems has to involve the student themself.  The University of Huddersfield has a Family Liaison Service which is designed to work with particular issues and areas of significant concern.  Parents and carers can consult this service for general advice but please remember that student specific information can only be discussed with the involvement of the student.

Support for students

Student support available at the University. There is also a comprehensive network of support for your son or daughter to access at the University of Huddersfield should they need help.

The Counselling Service helps those who are worried or unhappy. This is a common experience for everyone at some point in their life, and our trained counsellors are on hand to offer support when it is needed.  

The Disability Office offers a variety of support to students with a disability, medical condition or specific learning difficulty.

The University Faith Centre operates an ‘all welcome’ policy, and is open all week for people to drop in and chat, to meet and make friends, drink coffee, eat lunch or to just be quiet. Many events happen throughout the week, with opportunities for worship and links to faith groups in the local community.

The Careers and Employability Service is available to all students and graduates at the University of Huddersfield up to three years after graduation. Staff offer information, advice and guidance in a wide range of areas as well as booked appointments with professional careers advisers.

JobShop provides current students with access to local part-time work during term-time, and full-time work during the vacations, whilst at the same time providing a professional vacancy handling service to local employers. During term-time, full-time students are advised to work for no more than 15 hours per week, and almost all vacancies advertised fall within this recommendation. Jobs for longer hours are clearly identified as being only for part-time students.

The Personal Tutors scheme ensures that all students have a contact or link tutor with whom they can stay in regular touch.

The University has a Health Centre adjacent to its main site. Students moving to Huddersfield are recommended to register to enable them to receive suitable medical care if required.

Student Finance

Staff in the Student Finance Office are available to support and advise all students regarding financial issues - including tuition fees and loans and grants. 

Read more about undergraduate fees and finance.

Students’ Union

Students’ Union Advice and Information Centre

The Student Advice and Information Centre (SAIC) is staffed by specialist trained advisers with support from trained student volunteers. They offer free confidential, impartial advice on any problem or query, no matter how big or small.

Besides offering advice on a wide range of matters in such areas as housing, academic, financial and legal help, the SAIC can also make referrals to other agencies should you need further advice.


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