Applications and enrolment

Full time undergraduate

Students can apply from the middle of September onwards in Year 13 for entry the following year, which is why we recommend doing research and going to Open Days in Year 12. Schools and colleges usually encourage students to register on UCAS, which is the system for applying for full-time undergraduate courses (e.g. BA/BSc degree) before they leave for summer to help prepare them for the application stage when they return.

UCAS Track

After an application is made on UCAS, applicants will receive a welcome e-mail after which they can follow their application using the ‘Track’ system. 

Once all universities have made their decisions, the applicant then chooses two: one firm choice (which is their preferred choice) and one insurance choice. NB. we recommend the insurance choice should have lower grades or points which they can fall back on if they don’t get their firm place. They are then committed to those two courses.

UCAS Extra

If an applicant has received decisions from all five universities or colleges and were not accepted, or if they decline, they can add one additional course at a time between 25 February and early July in UCAS Extra. This is a free service and if Extra is available to applicants, then it will show up as a button when applicants sign in to track their application.

UCAS Clearing

On results day, applicants should check Track to see if they have a place at university. If they have been unsuccessful with both offers, they are then automatically entered into Clearing where they contact universities directly to enquire about remaining places.

Important dates

September 2015                                   Applications can be submitted to UCAS from September.
15 January 2016 Deadline for receipt of on-time applications at UCAS for all courses (for applications to be guaranteed equal academic consideration).
5 May 2016 If all decisions from their Universities/Colleges are received by UCAS by 31 March, applicants must reply to any offers by this date (unless they live outside the EU or they are applying through Extra). If not, UCAS will decline their offers on their behalf.
8 June 2016 If all decisions from their Universities/Colleges are received by 7 May, they must reply to any offers by this date (unless they are applying through Extra). If not, UCAS will decline their offers on their behalf.

30 June 2016
If they send their application to UCAS by this date, it will be sent to their chosen Universities and Colleges. If their application is received after this date, they'll be entered into Clearing.
18 August 2016 A Level results day.

Full-time PGCE Teacher Training courses

Full-time PGCE Teacher Training courses (to teach in Schools or Further/Higher Education) applications should be made through UCAS Teacher Training and applications usually open in October.

Part-time courses

Applicants should contact the relevant subject area for further course information and applications can be made by downloading and completing the application form and reading the accompanying notes for guidance. Needs a link to document

Course descriptions and contact details can be found via our course finder tool.

Exam results 

The University will usually receive examination results for most qualifications so applicants don’t generally need to send them to us, However, if they are required to, they’ll be notified about this and applicants with conditional offers must forward their qualifications to us by the end of August.


A few months before term starts, we email all applicants who have firmly accepted a place with us with their log in details to be able to access our pre-enrolment portal and complete important steps before they join us.

Keeping in touch

It’s really important that we have an up to date email address for all of our applicants. Email addresses can be updated on UCAS Track or UCAS Teacher Training (UTT) websites. If the applicant has applied directly to the University, they should contact the Admissions and Records Office on tel. 01484 473969 or email.

Important: applicants should use a personal email account rather than a college or school address, which may expire or be inaccessible over the summer.

Data Protection

In compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998, the University protects the information it has about applicants and the standard response to enquiries about individuals is that information cannot be disclosed to other organisations and/or individuals without consent.

Unfortunately, this means that we are unable to talk to you about your son or daughters application - unless we receive consent from your son or daughter at the same time, or they have named you as their 'proxy' on the UCAS application form. We will, however, be able to give you general information regarding procedures.

For further information, please read How does the University handle data?- fair processing notices.

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