Research Data Managment

What is Research Data and why should I care?...

‌There is an increasing drive from the UK Government, Research Councils and other funding bodies to make publically-funded research available for the greater public good. In the past, publication of the results of such work has been the main route to achieving this, but now greater prominence is being placed on the wider availability of the data that led to those results. While there remain good reasons for researchers or institutions to withhold such data, as a condition of future support funders are moving toward this being the exception rather than the rule.

Research Data Defined...

Research Data is recorded factual material commonly retained by and accepted in the scientific community as necessary to validate research findings; although the majority of such data is created in digital format, all research data is included irrespective of the format in which it is created. Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council


About RDM

There is Increasing Drive from the UK government, Research Councils and funding bodies to make Publicly funded research available...

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Data Policies

The University and Funders have a number of policies in place that are relevant to Research Data Management.

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Data Planning

Both the University and most funding bodies encourage or require that researchers document how they will manage any data that they create.

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Services & Training

The University has a variety of services and Training place to aid the Research Data Management process.

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Organising Data

Name files and organise data to make sure you can all find and use it

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Archiving & Sharing Data

The University offers networked storage as well as data sharing solutions

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