Girls into Engineering Science and Technology (GEST)

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9:00 AM, 13 December 2014 to 9:00 AM, 8 November 2014 at University of Huddersfield - Researcher Hub

GEST Event

Over October and November the University of Huddersfield ran a series of six Saturday sessions on science and technology for girls in Years 10 and 11.  The sessions encouraged girls to come along and find out more about how things work and how science, technology and maths play a big part in all our lives.

The sessions gave this group of girls a unique opportunity to discover fascinating topics whilst working alongside professional engineers, scientists and researchers in our cutting-edge facilities. In particular the series gave them the chance to explore areas they might not have previously considered as for them, and think about the different education and career option open to them through engaging with these subjects.

What did the sessions cover?

The full programme covered a diverse range of subject disciplines, run by academic staff with a real passion for their subject.

8th Nov

Introduction to the Programme

Explore ideas around Engineering and explode some of the commonly held misconceptions about this fascinating subject

15th November

Engineering Quality of Life

How has Engineering improved our quality of life? How will it impact our future? Join us as we explore the specific challenges of engineering in the medical fields

22nd November

The Science behind the Sound in Film and TV

Learn how to measure, capture and recreate room acoustics and experiment with Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR)

29th November

“It’s not rocket science – well it is really!”

Investigate forces and pressures by experimenting with your own balloon-powered rocket car

6th December

Worlds of sound

Use the process of sound design to create amazing and original ‘sonic objects’ that can be used as mobile phone ringtones

13th December

Celebration and Evaluation

A chance to reflect on our perceptions of engineering and to celebrate with a festive theme - All Welcome


What did the girls think about the sessions?

I had honestly never considered a career in engineering before, but the GEST workshops really opened my eyes to the kinds of engineering jobs around. I had never realised just how many paths there are to choose from.’ Sinainn O’Neill

Before I started the workshops, a career in engineering hadn’t really crossed my mind but now I know all about the different branches of engineering, it’s something I definitely want to get into.’ Emily Griffiths

I really enjoyed meeting new people and making new friends who share the same interests. I have also discovered things and enjoyed the hands on experience.’ Rebecca Dunning

We are hoping to run some similar sessions in 2015 – details will soon be announced 

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