LAMDAMAP 2015 hosted by the University

This story published on Friday 20 March 2015
The University’s EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Advanced Metrology contributed seven speakers to this conference

Fellowship scheme sees lab technology move to the production line

This story published on Thursday 19 March 2015
Dr Feng Gao receives a High Value Manufacturing Catapult Fellowship to develop nanoscale detection technology for full-scale manufacturing

Iraqi researcher hits high note for the quality of his research

This story published on Thursday 19 March 2015
Surface metrologist Mothana Hassan’s PhD research is applauded by a leading journal and features at the LAMDAMAP 2015 conference

Know the food you’re eating.. or the food you think you’re eating

This story published on Tuesday 17 March 2015
Scientists use chemometric software to confirm whether gelatine – used in a huge variety of foods – has originated from pork or beef

Huddersfield’s research showcased at London’s Royal Institution

This story published on Wednesday 11 March 2015
The high profile event, organised by University Alliance, will welcome parliamentarians, businesses and researchers

World-leading research combats child abuse in the Caribbean

This story published on Tuesday 10 March 2015
Groundbreaking research – commissioned by UNICEF – has had a global response

Highest national award for Professor of Corporate Communications

This story published on Monday 9 March 2015
Chartered Institute of Public Relations confers Huddersfield professor Anne Gregory with the rare distinction of Honorary Fellow

Uni now home to world leading accelerator science facilities

This story published on Thursday 5 March 2015
“...the MEIS accelerator is one of only ten of its type worldwide and regarded as uniquely accessible to potential users...”

Professor Khaled Hussainey

This story published on Tuesday 3 March 2015
On 26th February, The Financial Ethics and Governance Research Group (FEGReG) had the privilege of hosting a seminar given by Professor Khaled Hussainey

Diaspora and Development

This story published on Tuesday 3 March 2015
The Business School’s Emerging Markets Research Group (EMERGE) heard Professor Vudayagi Balasubramanyam (Baloo) from Lancaster University Management School present his research

Research survey underway to find ‘men’s food’ and ‘women’s food’

This story published on Wednesday 25 February 2015
Does gender play a role in what we eat? A survey is now underway to find out... take the survey

Doctoral student appointed BAM Full Time Doctoral Representative

This story published on Tuesday 24 February 2015
Doctoral student Charlotte Warin has recently been appointed to the British Academy of Management (BAM) Council.

Detecting defects at the nanoscale profits solar panel production

This story published on Thursday 19 February 2015
Libyan Government-backed researcher Mohamed Elrawemi develops new technologies for defects in thin films, vital in products as printed electronics and solar panels

Community conservation project – a sustainable and fairer system

This story published on Wednesday 18 February 2015
Researchers help Ethiopian’s wild coffee trade to sustain both livelihoods and the environment

Accent and dialect coach to the stars gives first Babel Lecture

This story published on Tuesday 17 February 2015
Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett plus Game of Thrones are just a few of the clients of linguistics expert Brendan Gunn

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