New gel medication delays release of drug to benefit the patient

This story published on Tuesday 21 April 2015
Gellan gum pharmaceutical development both delays drug release for maximum effect

Crime scene discovery – separating the DNA of identical twins

This story published on Monday 20 April 2015
Forensic scientist Dr Graham Williams uncovers one of the DNA’s longstanding mysteries

Barclays Bank’s digital pioneer gives guest lecture

This story published on Friday 17 April 2015
Steven Roberts, now a visiting professor at the University, is regarded as one of the UK’s most innovative bankers

New profs and PG courses in architecture and built environment

This story published on Thursday 16 April 2015
Four new postgrad courses and four new professors establishes Huddersfield as a force in the field of architecture and the built environment

£3.5 million grant will create major nuclear research facility

This story published on Wednesday 15 April 2015
EPSRC grant of £3.5 million will create world-leading research for the analysis of nuclear materials and the development of space technology

Vice-Chancellor elected Vice-President of the IET

This story published on Tuesday 14 April 2015
Professor Bob Cryan will take up the position with the Institution of Engineering and Technology in November

New enterprise converts design ideas into commercial reality

This story published on Thursday 9 April 2015
Design tutor Joanne Harris’s business venture will bring student portfolios to the production line

Uni profs at UN Disaster Risk Reduction world conference in Japan

This story published on Wednesday 1 April 2015
“...the Sendai Framework identifies the importance of science and technology... the need to link education with research and action...”

Superstition, witchcraft and fake pastors who prey on Nigerians

This story published on Tuesday 31 March 2015
Nigerian researcher Chima Agazue investigates the growing number of corrupt Men of God who prey on the poor for money

Senior Lecturer in Health Visiting receives Institute Fellowship

This story published on Monday 30 March 2015
Karen Adams becomes the first Huddersfield academic to receive an Institute of Health Visiting Fellowship

Plight of Syrian refugees in UK earn national award for student

This story published on Friday 27 March 2015
Student photographer wins second award for his documentary work

Cautiousness & social investment:understanding trustees’ concerns

This story published on Tuesday 24 March 2015
Understanding trustees’ concerns

Researchers analyse the reasons for hair loss in cancer treatment

This story published on Tuesday 24 March 2015
Huddersfield scientists work with Paxman Coolers to uncover the science behind scalp cooling

​Huddersfield celebrates World Social Work Day

This story published on Tuesday 24 March 2015
Stories from Social Work – “ workers have to find the skills to help people tell their stories and to listen to them...”

Online system unveiled to pinpoint metrology software accuracy

This story published on Sunday 22 March 2015
€130,000 EU project will allow manufacturers to instantly assess the performance of their software and make the required adjustments

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