Head of Accountancy, Finance and Economics second term on ICAEW

This story published on Friday 28 April 2017
University’s Head of Accountancy, Finance and Economics invited for second term on the governing body of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales

Archaeogeneticist pinpoints Indian origins using today’s populace

This story published on Thursday 27 April 2017
PhD student Marina Silva identifies the origins of Indian populations comprising migrating humans from Africa, Iran and Central Asia over a period of 50,000 years

Pharmacist takes key role brokering NICE accreditation for RPS

This story published on Thursday 27 April 2017
Dr Mahendra Patel’s positions with NICE and RPS enabled him to unite the pair

Uni’s CPT takes lead role in £1m CNC servitisation plan

This story published on Wednesday 26 April 2017
The CNC servitisation scheme will see businesses purchasing the capacity to manufacture products whilst the servitisation provider retains responsibility for the machinery and its smooth running

Duke of York’s Inspiring Digital Enterprise Awards launched

This story published on Tuesday 25 April 2017
Inspiring Digital Enterprise Awards (iDEA) – free and open to all ages – are described as “bite-sized challenges that help teach digital and enterprise skills”

Global manufacturer turns a profit without harming environment

This story published on Friday 21 April 2017
The Centre for Sustainable and Resilient Communities welcomed Purchasing Director Barry Townsend of global carpet tile manufacturers Interface to explain how

Modern slavery forum questions the effectiveness of the NRM

This story published on Wednesday 12 April 2017
“…the panel agreed that the National Referral Mechanism was not fit for purpose due to nationwide inconsistencies in the way victims are reported…”

New app offers ancient sights and sounds of sites like Stonehenge

This story published on Wednesday 12 April 2017
Unlike other computer game-like walkarounds, the Huddersfield app enables the user to hear what an ancient site used to sound like by integrating acoustic modelling

Luddite Memorial Lecture by Dr Katrina Navickas

This story published on Tuesday 11 April 2017
With a government clampdown on public assemblies in the early 1800s, protests movements in towns like Huddersfield would organise large gatherings outside borough boundaries

New research shows women took the lead in early days of the NHS

This story published on Friday 7 April 2017
New discovery shows women in the 1950s, not just as nurses, but in labs, handling high-tech procedures and running most aspects of hospital life

Sir Patrick Stewart returns to the University for a two-day visit

This story published on Thursday 6 April 2017
Sir Patrick viewed the Institute of Railway Research and Future Metrology Hub, lunched with international students and offered advice to drama students in an acting masterclass

Migrant Asian women remembered ‘home’ through food and song

This story published on Monday 3 April 2017
The first migrant Pakistani and Indian women revived memories of home through ancient songs and recipes handed down from mother to daughter

Government minister visits IRR £5m test rig

This story published on Friday 31 March 2017
Lord Prior, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, was welcomed by the University’s Institute of Railway Research

3D virtual reality training for trainee dental surgeon unveiled

This story published on Thursday 30 March 2017
Researcher Yesh Pulijala has overcome the limitations of conventional training by creating an immersive virtual reality operating room experience

National awards for Inst of Skin Integrity & Infection Prevention

This story published on Wednesday 29 March 2017
Professor Karen Ousey and Dr John Stephenson take top honours for the Best Clinical Research Award

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