Uni launches UK’s first MSc in Railway Systems Safety and Risk

This story published on Wednesday 3 February 2016
Running from September 2016, the new Masters programme will secure the rail industry’s safety skills gap in the future

Holocaust Memorial Day marked by University

This story published on Tuesday 2 February 2016
The 2016 Holocaust Memorial Day Lecture was delivered by Lilian Black, daughter of Holocaust survivor Eugene Black

Investigative psychologist looks for truth behind the polygraph

This story published on Friday 29 January 2016
“...ultimately, I hope my findings on the polygraph machine will produce tangible evidence on the machine’s capabilities...”

Uni to work with one of world’s top 50 construction firms

This story published on Thursday 28 January 2016
Beijing Construction Engineering Group will sign a five-year MoU with the University of Huddersfield to develop the company’s use of vital new technology

New research on Austronesian languages refute longstanding theory

This story published on Wednesday 27 January 2016
Complex genetic data rejects “Out of Taiwan” theory by demonstrating that Mitochondrial DNA found in Pacific islanders was present in Island Southeast Asia at a much earlier period

Social work conference urges greater ‘father-friendly’ culture

This story published on Tuesday 26 January 2016
When family difficulties mean that children are at risk of abuse or neglect ... how can their fathers be brought back into the equation?

New Finance Masters first to explore Islamic Economics

This story published on Monday 25 January 2016
The new MSc in Islamic Finance and Economics offers a broader qualification much sought by employers in Islamic banks and finance houses

Pakistan researcher is University’s Research Student of the Year

This story published on Friday 22 January 2016
Pharmaceutical Scientist Dr Muhammad Ghori has been working on oral-controlled drug delivery systems and various aspects of drug release behaviour

€1,000,000 project to reduce the impact of natural disasters

This story published on Thursday 21 January 2016
“...the ASCENT research project will revolve around the prevention of disasters and the procedures for recovering from them...”

Cricket researcher takes on the Aussies in their backyard

This story published on Monday 18 January 2016
Historian Dr Duncan Stone will work with leading sports historians at Melbourne’s Victoria University

€400,000 EU serious games project to combat domestic violence

This story published on Friday 15 January 2016
The interactive, role-playing computer game – designed to educate – will be used in both the East Caribbean and the UK

France’s WWII “petits réfugiés” offered ‘a voice’ for first time

This story published on Wednesday 13 January 2016
Dr Lindsey Dodd’s work on Disruptive Histories: Recovered Pasts will be jointly funded by the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and the French Laboratoires d’Excellence

‘Lost Faces’ exhibition launches Holocaust Memorial Day programme

This story published on Monday 11 January 2016
The exhibition, in partnership with 6 million+ Trust, portrays work by Leeds artist David Black and his personal response to the Holocaust

How the Festival of Britain created a new York!

This story published on Monday 11 January 2016
University researcher uncovers how post-war planners aimed to transform an ancient city

Award-winning book probes a new world of food regulation

This story published on Thursday 7 January 2016
Professor Samir Dani guides food supply chain professionals through all the complexities

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