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Professor Babar has recently joined University of Huddersfield as Professor in Medicines and Healthcare at the Department of Pharmacy, School of Applied Sciences.

He is globally recognized for his research in pharmaceutical policy and practice, including quality use of medicines, clinical pharmacy practice, access to medicines and issues related to pharmacoeconomics. Previously he was the Head of Pharmacy Practice at School of Pharmacy, Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, University of Auckland, New Zealand. A pharmacist by training and a PhD in pharmacy practice, Dr. Babar is the recipient of prestigious “Research Excellence Award” from the University of Auckland.

He has active research collaborations and linkages with the World’s leading Universities such as Boston University School of Public Health, Harvard Medical School, Austrian Health Institute, University of Auckland, Monash University and with the University of Sydney . He has published over 100 papers including in high impact journals such as PLoS Medicine and the Lancet Oncology. Dr. Babar has acted as an advisor for World Health Organization, Health Action International, International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease, World Bank, International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) and for the Pharmaceutical Management Agency of New Zealand. His recent work also includes a number of high quality books including "Economic evaluation of pharmacy services", ”Pharmaceutical prices in 21st century”, and “ Pharmacy Practice Research Methods”. Published by Elsevier and Adis/Springer, the work is used in curriculum design, policy development and for referral all around the globe.

Professor Babar is also the Editor-in-Chief of BMC Journal of Pharmaceutical Policy and Practice and can be contacted at z.babar@hud.ac.uk

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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