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Professor Steve Donnelly

Steve Donnelly, Head of Engineering and Technology


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Synopsis of Achievements in Research

Areas of interest include:

  • The interaction of energetic particles with matter
  • Defects in solids
  • Electron microscopy
  • Nanotechnology
  • Ion beam technology

Author of more than 150 scientific papers (over 100 in peer-reviewed journals). 

Active collaborations with scientists in Australia, Brazil, Finland, France, Japan, Russia, Ukraine, and the USA including major national laboratories (Argonne National Laboratory, USA;

National Institute for Materials Science, Japan). Majority of publications in recent years, co-authored with overseas colleagues.

Current funded projects:

  • Ceramic Coatings for Clad (The C^3 Project): Advanced Accident-Tolerant Ceramic Coatings for Zr-alloy Cladding (ends September 2016)
    EPSRC-funded, Sheffield-led project (total value £1.2M).

  • Ion Irradiation Effects in Graphene-Silicon Hybrid Devices for Combating WMD (ends September 2016)
    DTRA(US)-funded, Manchester-led project, (total value $450k), Huddersfield component £36k.

  • Atomistic Scale Study of Radiation Effects in ABO3 Perovskites (ends September 2017)
    EPSRC-funded, Sheffield-led project (total value £1.5M), Huddersfield component £300k).

  • A Study of the Combined Effects of Displacement Damage and Helium Accumulation in Model Nuclear Materials (ends August 2018)
    EPSRC-funded project, value £1.1M. 

  • Radiation Damage in Nanoporous Nuclear Materials (ends March 2018)
    EPSRC-funded project, total value £400k. 

  • World Class Materials Facilities at the University of Huddersfield – MIAMI-2 (ends March 2016)
    EPSRC-funded project for new experimental facility (MIAMI-2) at University of Huddersfield, total value £3.5M.

Completed projects (since 2008):

  • Materials for fusion & fission power (ends September 2015)
    EPSRC-funded Oxford-University led project (total value £5.8M).
    Huddersfield component £100k.

  • Fundamentals of current and future uses of nuclear graphite
    (Ended March 2014). EPSRC-funded consortium project with Universities of Sussex, Manchester, Leeds and Nottingham. Total value £1.2M. Huddersfield component £200k.
  • Monarch: Ultra-bright nanoscale SEM-on-a-chip (ended 2009)
    Collaboration involving three European Universities and 4 SMEs, funded under the EU Framework 6 CRAFT programme. Although the EU funded project has finished, the project is continuing under commercial funding from NFAB Ltd. The lead SME in the project. Total Value €1.8M.

  • In-Situ TEM Studies of Ion-Irradiated Materials (ended 2010)
    EPSRC funded project in which we developed a unique national experimental facility at Salford University for the study of materials for nuclear reactors. (The project was supported by researchers at Imperial College, University of Manchester, Culham Science Centre, Nexia Solutions (formerly BNFL) and the University of Surrey). The facility plays an important role in the two current EPSRC projects. Value £650k.

  • Worldwide network of in-situ TEM/ion accelerator facilities (ended 2008)
    Connected to the “in-situ” facility, this project established a network of early career researchers working in the area of electron microscopy of radiation damaged materials. It involved networking visits to major laboratories in France, USA, Japan, Australia, China and Brazil and the holding of an international workshop in the UK  in June 2008. Value £38k.

Membership of external bodies:

  • Member of EPSRC Peer Review College.
  • Member of the scientific committee of the French EMIR network;
  • Member of the Steering Committee of the IVEM / Ion Accelerator Facility at Argonne National Laboratory, USA;
  • Chair of the Steering Committee of SuperSTEM, the UK National Facility for Aberration- Corrected STEM; 
  • Participates in strategic evaluations of French higher educational institutions for HCERES – formerly AERES; 
  • Reviewer of programmes and Universities for the Saudi-Arabian National Commission for Assessment and Academic Accreditation (NCAAA);
  • Alumnus (2010) of the Top Management Programme (TMP) which is the flagship programme of the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education in the UK aimed at developing strategic leaders in higher education. 

Reviewer for a number of journals including:

  • Journal of Applied Physics
  • Applied Physics Letters
  • Philosophical Magazine
  • Philosophical Magazine Letters
  • Nuclear Instruments and Methods
  • Journal of Nuclear Materials
  • European Journal of Physics
  • Nanotechnology

Currently supervising 5 postdoctoral researchers and 3 PhD students

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